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For Physicians

Podiatrists and other health care professionals are finally catching on! If they continue to sell products that their patients can purchase online or retail, they lose repeat business.

There are many well known retail products on the market today, but they are not exclusive to podiatrists. Footsteps is a different kind of company. Footsteps™ are exclusive to the health care professional. Footsteps™ are never sold online, at pharmacies or running stores.

However, the quality and results are the same if not better for you and your patient. In addition, patients must return your practice to purchase additional pairs, thereby adding to your bottom line!

We have been manufacturing Footsteps™ for over 12 years. We are now the #1 OTS/OTC Orthotic dispensed by the US Department of Defense. We are dispensed in over 75% of all the US Army hospitals. We have set our sites on the private sector and are being stocked in new private practice offices nationwide, every day. Why have you never heard of us? EXACTLY!


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